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The Val Meledrio Eco-museum in Dimaro is an outdoor natural environment, which can be defined as the “gateway” to the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. It develops along the Meledrio torrent and its route was formerly used by the Emperor of Austria Francesco Giuseppe as the main road towards Folgarida and Madonna di Campiglio.For this reason the Val Meledrio is called “the way of the Emperor”.

A treasure trove of historical and cultural experiences in the Val di Sole, the ecomuseum shows visitors the ancient trades of the past. Before entering the Val Meledrio you can visit the ancient Venetian sawmill, located on the right, at the top of the village of Dimaro; from here you can follow the turpentine path of the t then continue the walk, which can also be done by mountain bike, towards the “fosinace”, where in ancient times iron was worked and where the mallet is still present, a perfectly preserved and functioning giant hammer, with a next to a comfortable picnic area. Then continue to the “calcara”, an ancient kiln for the cooking and the production of lime and calcareous stones formerly used for the construction of houses. Continuing you will find a narrow rocky gorge from which the Meledrio torrent forms the impetuous “Pison waterfall”; climb up to the Dos di Santa Brigida, where archaeological remains have been found to contain the remains of the Hospice, an ancient shelter run by friars and dedicated to travelers and pilgrims. Close the entire walk in a circle going down towards Carciato and heading towards the Church of San Lorenzo di Dimaro.


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