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The castles in Trentino that enthusiasts cannot miss

Trentino, for centuries a land of connection between Italy and Middle Europe, is dotted with fortifications, watchtowers and castles, useful for controlling the territory and home to noble families. Below we present only a few, but you will choose the one of most interest to you and your family.

The Castello del Buonconsiglio, the most important in Trentino, once the seat of the Prince Bishops and symbol of the city of Trento, is also a museum and every year hosts highly successful exhibitions.

Castel Thun: it doesn’t have to do with porcelain!
It dominates the Val di Non from a hill planted with apple orchards. It still preserves original furnishings, precious art collections, an important library and a rich art gallery.

Castel Caldes. Located at the mouth of the Val di Sole and overlooking the Noce stream, the majestic medieval manor dominates the nearby town of Caldes and can also be reached by train from our hotel. The decorations of some areas of the castle are currently being restored, so the castle hosts a series of events, exhibitions, shows, concerts, guided tours and workshops for families: many opportunities to appreciate the monument while waiting for the conclusion of the restorations.

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Museums and castles

Castle of San Michele in Ossana

The Castle of San Michele takes its name from the saint to whom the chapel was dedicated inside and rises on a rocky hill that separates the town of Ossana from the river Noce, a strategic position controlling traffic and trade. The 25 m high central tower is the best preserved architectural element of the entire complex and from which you can admire the entire valley up to the Val di Pejo. The castle also has a drawbridge, a gatehouse, prisons and rooms. At the Castle of San Michele various events and tastings are organized, especially during the Christmas period, when Ossana takes on the role of “Borgo dei Presepi” with the exhibition of over 1000 handmade nativity scenes from around the world.
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Notturna al Castello San Michele Ossana

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