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Our history

ove for tradition from 1922 to today

Our hotel encloses within its walls an ancient tradition of passion and professionalism in the art of hospitality. A story that began back in 1922 when Antonio Carnessalini bought the building then used as a spinning mill, transforming it into a hotel and tavern.

After the Second World War, which caused its temporary closure, there was a triumphant reopening in 1951 which coincided with the passing of the baton from Antonio to the young son Ugo Carnessalini. From generation to generation, first with the son of Ugo, Giorgio, and now with his nephews Martina and Oscar, the hotel was enhanced with important renovations and expansions to offer an increasingly comfortable environment, full of refined services and pleasant entertainment. In May 2008, Giorgio and Berta Carnessalini received the prestigious “Hotelier’s Star” award, as a recognition of their great professionalism. The grandchildren Martina and Oscar are now inheriting the love for this work at the Hotel Vittoria snow family bike.

Our history

Sometimes the images tell the past more than a thousand words … here you will find a succession of souvenir photos that excite us and at the same time make us smile: some of our most affectionate guests will relive the genuine holiday moments of the past, when they entertained themselves with a glass of wine in the company of grandparents Ugo and Alice, others will recognize Martina and Oscar in the faces of the two children sitting next to each other, near the ancient spinning wheel, which is still in the bar, in the same position at that time .

Isn’t it funny to see Martina next to her dad Giorgio while “learning the art” behind the bar, or a very young and smiling Oscar struggling with the stove? A photo depicts the whole family at the New Year’s Eve 1995: Oscar and mother Berta in kitchen uniform, Martina, finally father Giorgio in the role of director.

What about those letters of request dating back to the years 1938-1940 in which we read archaic sentences written with a pen and inkwell? Authentic memorabilia to be kept in memory.

The Carnessalini family awaits you in your Hotel Vittoria snow family bike, with the same welcome as always. We welcome you!

Famiglia Carnessalini

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