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How we demonstrate love for nature and our territory every day

We have always been committed to protecting the environment and reducing the impact of our activity on nature. This is why we have acquired the European environmental quality mark ECOLABEL, which is recognized for accommodation structures that implement organizational practices to reduce waste production, waste water and energy, promoting the use of renewable energy sources.

For us this “environmental responsibility” translates concretely into:

  • use of solar panels for hot water production
  • photovoltaic modules for the production of electric current
  • choice to buy 100% clean electricity
  • use of local and zero-kilometer products in the kitchen
  • direct cultivation of vegetables and aromatic herbs
  • careful application of separate waste collection
  • promotion of the use of local public transport
  • reduction in the use of single-dose products at the restaurant and disposables in the bathrooms

If you also respect the environment, and you want to feel a protagonist in delivering a cleaner world to your children.

If you want to make your holiday an authentic experience.

If you want to find the flavour, the aroma, the right colour of each, then you will appreciate the sensitivity we have towards the protection of the Dimaro area and the nature of the Val di Sole.

Guests who choose us are invited to share these gestures of love towards nature and the environment, in the belief that this is also an improvement in the comfort and quality of the holiday.

The “Quality Park” certification and why it is important

Our hotel has also obtained the “Quality Park” certification for its ability to pay particular attention to the environment and for its commitment to the enhancement of the people, the territory and elements of typicality and authenticity, favoring the diffusion of the Park culture . We are orientated towards quality and continuous improvement because “we are the first generation that has to decide whether the land should remain a habitable place” (L. Brown).

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