Strolling to Dimaro to discover the history of the Val di Sole

The Val Meledrio Ecomuseo (Open Air Museum) is a route that unfolds as it leaves the built-up area of Dimaro and passes through places of particular importance to the history and culture of the Val di Sole, unique and perfectly placed evidence of the economic and industrial development of the Valley.

Leaving the sixteenth century church of Dimaro, the Open Air Museum develops along paths and roads that can be followed on foot or mountain bike leading to the community sawmill, the turpentine route, extracted from larches, the “Fosinace” (a place where iron was used to make agricultural tools) the press (the huge water-powered hammer for beating iron, near which a picnic area has been set up) and the limekiln for the production of lime from limestone rocks.

The route goes up to the Santa Brigida pass where the remains of a chapel and a hospice, probably provided for the shelter of pilgrims on the road between Val di Sole and Val Rendena, were discovered.

The Val Meledrio Open Air Museum therefore gives evidence of so much economic activity which in the course of history the inhabitants of Val di Sole have carried on, utilising the natural resources that the Trentino environment provided without ruining the environment itself. It also enables the discovery of the wild and uncontaminated Val Meledrio, completely enclosed in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, a valley that since ancient times has linked the Val di Sole and the Val Rendena.

The valley (often called Selva) is characterised by dense woods, conifers and steep screes at the foot of the Brenta range. It is traversed by the so-called Via del’Imperatore (Emperor’s Way) so named because at the end of the nineteenth century the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph crossed over to get to Campiglio, which leads to the other side of the valley (by the Malga Monfidra mountain hut at 1632 metres) to then finish at the Campo Carlo Magno pass.

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