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Xtreme sports in the mountains: live an experience outside the box!

Sport strengthens muscles and joints, creating benefitting posture and improving resistance to daily fatigue. So why not try the experience of extreme sports even in the mountains?

Rafting, for example, is an activity suitable for everyone, where the rapids of the Noce River are confronted in total safety, thanks to the expert guides of the Rafting Center Trentino Wild, outdoor professionals in extreme sports in Val di Sole. Canyoning, Tarzaning, Hydrospeed, Canoeing and Kayaking are just some of the river sports you can practise in Val di Sole, where fun never fails: in addition to archery, try paintball: shoot coloured gelatin capsules at the opponent during this cheerful activity for all.

Rafting and adrenaline sports

Not only Rafting: discover all the sports activities

Looking for pure adrenaline? We recommend a paragliding flight in the presence of the Dolomites! Pure emotions immersed in the wild environment of the Stelvio National Park. If you have children you will find the best fun in the trees of the largest adventure park in Trentino: the Malè flying park, where adults and children can climb trees with increasing difficulty, in complete safety and having fun. In Dimaro there is also a high-level sports centre, equipped with a 6-lane athletics track in rubber and a natural grass soccer field, which amateur and professional teams love to choose for their summer retreat. Grandstand with over 600 seats and a lighting system that allows evening TV footage.

Downhill in Val di Sole

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