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Trentino Fishing: sport fishing in Val di Sole

The territory of the Val di Sole has a particularly dominant element: the abundant water throughout the valley.

In the Noce river, in the Vermigliana, Meledrio and Rabbies torrents and in the innumerable lakes of the valley, fishing for trout and fine char is particularly pleasant.
Not to be missed are the special fishing reserves at NK1 reservation “Le Marinolde” on the Rabbies stream in Val di Rabbi, where it has not been fished for 29 years, populated by Marmorate trout and wild Fario and “La Calcara RNK2” on the Meledrio Torrent in Dimaro , 1.6 km from the bridle path at the first bend for Folgarida, up to the bridge at the hydroelectric plant in Val Meledrio. Reserves are accessible with prior mandatory reservations and only 2 fishermen are allowed per day. To book “Le Marinolde” or “La Calcara” or to purchase the sport fishing permit in Val di Sole online click here
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Sport fishing

The services offered by the Hotel Vittoria for fishing lovers *:

  • early breakfast on request
  • take-away lunch basket with local products
  • storage and washing for fishing equipment
  • room dedicated to fly tying
  • clothes and waders drying service
  • possibility of going out accompanied by an experienced fisherman from the area
  • possibility of purchasing equipment in a partner shop
  • start-up or technical improvement lessons

*some services are subject to charges
More infos:

Pesca Sportiva

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