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Zicoria FestiVal di Sole – Val di Rabbi

starting from: € 112,00

offerta valida dal: 1/5/2020 al 3/5/2020

A week-end spent welcoming the springtime in the mountains, with focus on wild herbs: cooking classes, dance and movement in the great outdoors, walks for learning about the wild herbs and plants in the Stelvio National Park, guided visits, accompanied hikes and ebike excursions, discovering springtime in the mountains. Val di Rabbi comes alive with fragrances and cheer during the Zicoria FestiVal di Sole.

Activities, guided visits, movement and naturally… lots of good cooking using Zicoria, as the dandelion is called in these parts, and other mountain plants.


The dandelion is a plant that is thousands of years old and over time it has been given some very odd names: bitterwort, blow-ball, telltime, and even piss-in-bed. Here in Val di Sole it is known as ZÌCORIA.A legendary flower for both its medicinal properties and the stories that blow away with its seeds on the wind.  Its official name, taraxacum comes from the union of two Greek words—taraxos, meaning disorder, agitation, or confusion and akos meaning remedy. Its etymological meaning already hints at the fact that the dandelion is used as a remedy to purify and calm the organism. Its roots and leaves have medicinal properties with draining, purifying, detoxing, diuretic, digestive and anti-oxidant effects, known since ancient times.

A slightly spicy flavour means the dandelion is widely used in the KITCHEN, from antipasti to dessert. It goes well with vegetables, either cooked or raw in tasty spring salads. Even its petals can be used to lend flavour and colour to mixed salads. The flowers can be dipped in batter and fried to make a crunchy treat. Herbal tea is often made with its roots and leaves, and even its flowers.

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