How is a SPA conceived? How many memories can be tied to a hotel? And how does managing one feel?

In a hundred years of activity we have learnt several things and collected so many stories we want to tell you about.

Before we get started, leave us a few lines to explain why we created this blog. We have done so, because we felt like we wanted to share the many aspects of living a life in a hotel that are usually left behind the scenes on a holiday visit.

If your SPA experience is deep and regenerating it’s because of the people who designed and created it right with this purpose. If the aromas and flavours of our food are amazing, it’s because we choose with great care every ingredient as well as our suppliers; if, leaving the hotel, you feel a bit nostalgic for all the people who made your holiday a special one, well, it’s because we recruit and train them carefully in order to take care of you.

These are the people and elements that make a holiday at Hotel Vittoria so special. We thought that telling about them was the perfect way to share our stories with you and have you find out about the fascinating world of hotellerie.

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