Why nature and the earth are close to our heart!

Hotel Vittoria at Dimaro has always felt obliged to protect the environment and reduce the impact of its activities on nature. This has been acknowledged by receiving the European environmental quality mark ECOLABEL, recognising that establishments such as Hotel Vittoria carry out procedures that reduce rubbish, avoid water and energy wasteage and promote the use of renewable energy sources.

This environmental responsibility is expressed in practical terms by Hotel Vittoria in Val di Sole by:

  • solar panels to produce hot water
  • 19kw photovoltaic modules which cover almost 20% of the building’s needs
  • choice of getting 100% clean electricity
  • use in the kitchen of local produce with zero food miles
  • home grown salads and herbs
  • exploiting seasonal harvests
  • promoting use of local public transport

These procedures allow Hotel Vittoria in Trentino to prevent every year the emission into the atmosphere of almost 19000 kg of CO2 and save around 7700 litres of oil, the equivalent of 2439 trees!

The sensitivity shown by the Carnessalini family towards the protection of the area of Dimaro and the natural environment of Val di Sole is shown by the staff and colleagues of Hotel Vittoria who keep up this good practice.

Also guests who choose Hotel Vittoria, sitting in the Trentino mountains, are invited to share these expressions of love for the natural environment in the belief that they make for a more comfortable and better quality holiday.


Our hotel has also obtained the “Park Quality” certification for its capacity to pay particular attention to the environment and its obligation to value people, the countryside and what is typical and genuine, promoting the character of the Park. We are focused on quality and continuous improvement because “we are the first generation that has to decide whether the Earth should remain habitable.” (L. Brown).


Our duty to respect nature!


Why nature and the earth are close to our heart!