A long tradition of hospitality

Antonio Carnessalini and the old spinning mill

Hotel Vittoria in Trentino holds within its walls an ancient tradition of passion and professionalism in the art of welcoming. A history that started long ago in 1922 when Antonio Carnessalini acquired the building the n used as a spinning mill, transforming it into a hotel and inn.

The triumphal reopening after the world war

After the second world war, which caused it to close temporarily, there was a triumphal reopening  in 1951 and at the same time it passed by inheritance to the young son Ugo Carnessalini.


The prestigious prize “Stella dell’Albergatore” (Hotelier’s Star)

In May 2008 the prestigious prize “Stella del Albergatore” was conferrred on Giorgio and Berta Carnessalini in recognition of their great professionalism.

A renewed environment with an ongoing welcome

Through the generations, first with Ugo’s son Giorgio and then his grandchildren Oscar and Martina, the hotel has improved with significant restructuring and enlargement to offer an ever more comfortable environment enriched with fine service and pleasant relaxation.

The grandchildren Oscar and Martina at the helm

The grandchildren Oscar and Martina continue the professionalism and love of this work to this day at the helm of the Hotel Vittoria.

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