Adamello Brenta Bike Tour along the ancient Emperor’s road

  • Start and arrival: Dimaro - San Lorenzo Church
    Time: 6 hours
    Difficulty: FOR EXPERTS
    Min height: 768 m
    Max height: 2.146 m
    Cultural and landscape waypoints: San Lorenzo Church, Cascata del Pisson (waterfall), Rifugio Orso Bruno (mountain hut) – panoramic point

This route is located completely within the Adamello Brenta Nature Park and it follows the same track as the “Adamello Brenta Bike Tour”.

From the town of Dimaro cross the hamlet of Carciato and, once you reach Senàssega, take a pebbly road that goes up into the wood. Reach the banks of the Meledrio torrent and cross it  through a typical wooden bridge. Pass first an old “calcara”, than a waterfall on the Meledrio and go up the steep but compact road, that has numerous bends, until you reach a flat section where you will find directions on your right to “Pont del Pastin - Campo Carlo Magno”; from here continue till “Malga di Presson”. On the right you ca admire the beautiful sight on Val di Centonia and then, straight ahead, passing next to a small chapel with a water spring you will arrive near the n° 239 Madonna di Campiglio-Dimaro State Road in an area called Prà del Mazza. Cross the Meledrio torrent to reach the opposite side and continue untill you get to “Malga Mondifrà” at the foot of the Dolomites: this is a beautiful place to have a break and admire the scenery, unique and fascinating. Continue along a flat section and then enter into the wood in order to reach a meadow near a large turn. Go down slightly to the right and follow the clearly visible track of a path that takes you up to a pasture and  you will arrive next to the golf course and the residential houses at Passo Campo Carlo Magno. Keep to the right reaching the n° 239 State Road. Just before you reach the State Road, take the narrow path on the right going down across the wood to a small bridge over the Rio Falzè (stream); this path goes down parallel to the State Road towards Dimaro until it reaches the State road near a bend in the road. On the opposite side of the road, take the unpaved road with directions to Malga Darè. Past the Malga, you will enter into a marshy, rugged area a track that will lead you to the Malga di Dimaro. Continuing on the left go up along several bends reaching the area called Malghet Haut and then on the left towards Monte Vigo - Rifugio Orso Bruno; follow the stony road down to Malga Panciana and again towards the Marilleva n° 206 Provincial Road. Reach the wide bend by the pastures of the “Malghetto di Mestriago”, take the unpaved road to “Malga di Almazzago” towards Costa Rotian and then quickly down to Dimaro.


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