On the Santa Brigida hill

  • Start and arrival: Dimaro – San Lorenzo Church
    Time: 3 hours
    Difficulty: MODERATE
    Min height: 768 m
    Max height: 1.225 m
    Cultural and landscape waypoints: San Lorenzo Church in Dimaro, Cascata del Pisson (waterfall)

From the town of Dimaro follow the town road to Carciato and continue to the west side of the hamlet, an area called Senàssega. Here starts a pebbly road that goes up into the wood; keeping to the right you will reach the banks of the Meledrio torrent. A wooden bridge let you cross it and, passing an old “calcara”, you will reach another bridge over the Meledrio torrent, that’s the “Pisson waterfall”. Here a stop to admire this natural wonder is a must. Cross the bridge and go up the steep but compact road until you reach a flat section. You come to a junction: take your right to Pont del Pastin - Campo Carlo Magno; pass through a small tunnel until you reach a wooden bridge on the Meledrio torrent. At this point the road climbs up along the bottom of the valley passing at the foot of Dosso di S. Brigida (hill), hospice for pilgrims that was once run by monks, until you reach the uncultivated clearing of the Malga di Presson. Cross over the torrent on the Pont del Pastin (bridge), continue along the torrent, go into the wood and get to Malga del Doss. From here, continue down and pass a series of bends until you are back onto the same route that will allow you to return to Dimaro.

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